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O Senado do MA aprova a Lei VOTES, legislação para sustentar a votação por correio no MA além da pandemia de COVID

Interview with State Senator Becca Rausch

Public Service Review - Spring 2024

"My approach has always been that you effectuate change within the systems that you have been given rather than trying to bust the system entirely."

The Mass. Senate passed aggressive environmental policy to curb plastic use. Will the House act in time?

Boston Globe - July 9, 2024

“If you sit down and really think how much harm we’re doing from making that plastic and then letting it perpetuate in our environment for hundreds of years ... it just doesn’t make any sense,” said Rausch.

Statewide plastic bag ban passes the Massachusetts Senate

GBH News - June 20, 2024

“Here in Massachusetts, we toss out 900,000 tons of plastic waste every year. That includes 2 billion plastic bags and 3.4 billion plastic bottles,” Senator Rausch said.

A half-century of helping those who have lost all hope

Boston Globe - April 1, 2024

“Our constituents of all ages need support and proper resources to be able to thrive, and as their lawmakers, providing these resources is a central part of our jobs,” said Rausch.

Cape Cod League of Women Voters promotes civic engagement during week-long event

Cape Cod Times - March 6, 2024

The event involves students, educators, policymakers and community leaders. Its aim is ‘to strengthen constitutional democracy’ by supporting the movement for civic education and educating about how local, state and federal government works, and the role of individuals.

Lawmaker’s Bill seeks to end the often panicked search for a place to change baby’s diaper

Worcester Telegram and Gazette - February 15, 2024

The bill allows for both private and semi-private locations for baby changing stations; it does not call for installation only in bathrooms.

Should Massachusetts switch to statewide ranked choice voting?

Boston Globe - January 19, 2024

Ranked Choice Voting empowers voters, enhances candidate ballot access, and improves democracy by allowing voters to rank their favored candidates in a particular race.

Is there a future for Jewish progressivism after Oct. 7?

Boston Globe - November 11, 2023

Zionism is the Jewish desire for a homeland that came to fruition after the Holocaust, and some believe progressivism should embrace the establishment of a democratic state that provides refuge to a persecuted minority.

Massachusetts is drowning in single-use plastics. Why not ban them?

Boston Globe - October 18, 2023

“We are effectively smothering our planet and ourselves with plastic, and we have to address it,” said state Senator Rebecca Rausch, who chairs the Legislature’s joint committee on environment and natural resources.

Will the Legislature have an appetite for overrides?

Commonwealth Magazine - August 17, 2023

Proponents of the [Hey Sam] texting hotline say it is not duplicative of existing services, as it is staffed by locals who can refer callers to local services, and the peer-to-peer structure makes it more accessible to young people who may be reluctant to reach out for help through other channels.


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